Josh Kole

It all started 10 years ago when I had some awesome nude photos taken of me by photographer Paul Roberts. His work made me look so hot, that a small studio Paul knew of wanted me to work for them. I did my first video ("Men of the Trade" - Manhunter Video), ended up on the box cover, and the rest is history.

Since then, I have appeared in over a dozen films for various studios. I realize now that not only do I have "the right stuff" to be in front of the camera, but I find the whole industry facinating, and need to bring my experiences full circle. Hence, the beginning of HardCastle Media.

All this, and what is to come ,could not be possible without the encouragement, motivation, assistance and friendship of Keith Griffith (the force behind the one and only

I've learned a lot about myself along the way. On the outside, I tend to be somewhat modest and always professional. But my alter ego is fueled by a genuine uninhibited libido, lots of exibitionism and the right touch of narcissism. And a big cock certainly helps!

I'm versatile when it comes to sex, have been called an "agressive bottom" (liking to be dominated, yet being very verbal and versatile according to the scene or action), and can be the dominant top when the mood strikes or for a hot scene that is being filmed!

I enjoy more aggressive than normal sex, with guys who are my size or bigger, muscular, dark haired, masculine and hairy. Although being in shape is a great attribute, it is not the ultimate criteria. In general, a hot man is a hot man, and you know it right away regardless of the look or type you prefer. But its nice to meet guys who at least try and take care of themselves. Its good for your own body too!

Having sexual personality traits that go beyond being uninhibited, I prefer action that centers around "location sex", doing it anywhere but the normal bedroom scene. Combined this with my love of uniforms, gloryholes, underwear, porn, leather, groups, and a list of "buzz words" to long to mention, you have one horny Porn Star.

A very special thanks must go to my partner Stone Marshall, without who, I could not have become the person I am today. We have been together for 14 years and live across from the ocean on the Jersey shore. We share a passion for good food, great freinds, traveling, shopping for things we don't need, and of course, hot sex with real men. He is the best man a man could have, and how he has put up with me all this time I will never know. I LOVE YOU HON!

I hope you enjoy this site and the productions that we plan on bringing you. Please check back often, making sure to view every page as we will be updating all the time, making changes for the better, posting new pictures and information, and of course offering you some of the hottest real men, having real sex, on location.

To Be Continued...






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